Who are we?

We are a collective of over 20 music specialists each having between 10 and 40 years experience in the entertainment industry. We are distributed all over the world from Mexico to Australia, Africa to Europe, Asia to Canada.


What do we do?

With our resources and experience we want to bring new talent to the attention of large labels that may not get the chance normally. Most of this is for free.


Why do this?

We know there is talent out there who may not get a chance to be heard. Mothers with dreams but know it is costly and hard to bring up children at the same time; people working to pay the rent who do not have any money for the costs involved and/ or groups just about trying to raise funds for equipment let alone to be able to record their music.


Who funds this?

We do. We are connected with various businesses and have built up quite a substantial funding program that allows us to do what we do.


How can we help?

Have you got a voice longing to be heard? We can help get you trained up so you are use to being in a studio and recorded ready for the dreams you have always had.


Why is contact just by email?

People like to talk and so do we and that's the problem. Talking face to face or by phone at the initial out set can take valuable time from recording time. An email can be precise and detailed. If we like what you have to offer we will contact you back by email and if we really like what you have it could even be by phone and you could be recording the same day!!!!


Where do you record?

We have bases that have facilities that will get you ready for the the step be it a recording just to say to others you can do it or world domination.


How do I find out more?

Look at the website. Silly to say but many people do not. What is there will give you an idea and the links and emails.


What is sdrawkcab?

Backwards. That's it!!! A name that seems odd at first but says a lot without being belittled by it's innocence.