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Unexpected Production – Covering a wide range of music and words that inspires and excites the mind, body and soul. Taking grass-roots talent and offering an opportunity to be heard.

Building upon over 20 years experience sdrawkcab-recordings.co.uk is about the music and people. The caring and the sharing. The good when all there is seems bad.

We are developing talent to take further to the larger scene. With connections we look to show your talent to more than your friends; more than your shower; more than in your dreams.

Our basic way of working cuts out the red tape and allows original material to be available for the world to see - quickly.

sdrawkcab-recordings.co.uk mainly works with music but we also deal with various forms of literature too including novels, plays, scripts, musicals and more.

For people working with us here are just some other things that can help with:-

* A chance to get your voice heard
* Possible sale of a song you have sung on in over 90 stores world wide
* Copies of your songs
* Opportunities that are hard to come by such as film work, video features and musicals
* A pay schedule based upon your work and ours
* A karaoke/ backing version for you to sing to if you go out
* Continued work
* Working with other musicians
* Obtain Equity
* Guidance and Advice
* A web site and social media presence
We have a new project blooming that will delay some projects for a short while but will be beneficial for the greater good in time. 

We do not promise the earth but we may just be among stars.

There are many paths in life and this is just one. You may not share it but if you do….enjoy the ride.

Comedy EP with filth included FoC (Free of Charge). Not for the faint hearted, snowflakes or anyone who jumps on a law suit quickly. Listen to hilarious songs about What Mama Warned Me when it comes to a Baby Doll and when you go DO66IN and Tom Jones might be there. Availabe 03.03.2020 on all good download sites including sdrawkcaB-Recordings.co.uk. This EP features 4-tracks from the album 'The Lights Are In But No One's On' the first album from The Boys From The All Night Comedy Duo on all good download sites including sdrawkcaB-Recordings.co.uk. Date TBC.

This is an acoustic EP of 4 songs with full versions that will be released in 2020 on the albums "Whole", "See" and "World" and will feature on the film sound tracks of "Will", "Pigeon Park" and "If We Had Wings". These versions of theses songs are totally free to listen to, stream and download with no signup or emails needed. Available 01.02.2020 on all good download sites including sdrawkcaB-Recordings.co.uk.

Album 12 - 'For' is a dance album by DJBailyJ and is available from 30.09.2018 on all good download sites including sdrawkcaB-Recordings.co.uk. Songs featured include 'Big On The Underground', 'Like Lover's Do' , 'Someone Like You' and 'Tymphony'. All to feature in films and stage shows.

Album 11 - 'Exposed' is a rock album by Cinic and is available from 25.09.2018 on all good download sites including sdrawkcaB-Recordings.co.uk. Songs featured include 'Every Dog Has It's Day', 'Goodbye' , 'Sally Said She's Gonna Leave' and 'Chipboard'. All to feature in films and stage shows.

Album 10 - 'Secrets' is an album of songs designed for exercise. Working as part of the Beatercise program and inline with specialists and available from 03.04.2018 and is composed by DJBailyJ. The Beatercise app will allow algorithms and personal development at a speed suitable to the user that is as individual as the person using it. With the Keep Konstant approach users will be able to see results in toning, weight loss and well being in shorter time frames then ever before.

Album 09 - 'Heartfelt' is an album of songs that are about positive love. The good stuff! The album and individual songs will be available from 06.02.2018 by DJBailyJ. Songs will feature in films including 'Only Me' and the sequel 'Only Me Again', 'If We Had Wings', the opera 'Love Is Love' and 'Envisage'.

Album 08 'Lying' a dance based album with tracks selected for the film sound tracks 'Only Me', 'Locked In', 'Envisage' and more available at all good stores from 12.12.2017.

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